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With our professional drivers and luxuriant fleet of vehicles we aim to best your best choice of transportation in Singapore, despite the fact that needs and modes of transportation are continuously evolving. We aim to be number one!

BOOK MAXICAB offers high quality maxi cab services through a secure online or phone booking. Demand for Maxi cabs are often high but have no fear when booking with us.

We make it a point to offer all our Customers with a wide range of MaxiTaxi, 7 Seater Maxi Cab and MINIBUS services. We'll get you a vehicle within minutes from anywhere in Singapore. Airport transfers in SG

What We Have To Offer

I've tried Many Maxicab Services company but no one stands out better Than The drivers and staff are Friendly, Good and clean Vehicles and they are now our official Maxicab and Minibus Company that that have been linked with our company - 


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