Singapore Maxi Cab Hourly Charter Service

6 Seater Maxi Cab

$50 / Hour

  • Minimum 2 hours
  • 6 Passengers

7 Seater Maxi Cab

$50 / Hour

  • Minimum 2 hours
  • 7 Passengers

13 Seater Maxi Cab

$50 / Hour

  • Minimum 2 hours
  • 13 Passengers

It is best to charter a ride when you need to visit different places in a day. This way, you’d move with ease - no distractions, no delays - our chauffeurs would drive you to the various places you wish to visit in a cozy, luxury ride.

Our hourly charter service is for people who need to order an executive ride to different places in Singapore. This service provides you with the flexibility to tour Singapore at ease - stop as many times as you want - and enjoy executive/tailored transportation services.

This service is also recommended for families or groups going on a vacation. We’d pick you up and drive you (and your team/group/family) to the various locations specified in your booking information.

Why Do You Need a Hourly Charter Service?

1. Saves Time and Money - Chauffeur at your Disposal and Car Service by the Hour

Booking our hourly charter service saves you more time and money as you’d never have to wait and call on another ride all through your trip to different locations within a day.

2. Provides Maximum Comfort and Luxury Car Service

Enjoy premium services from experienced chauffeurs while being taken around the city in a luxury ride.

3. Arrive in Grand Style

Our chauffeurs would drive you to that occasion/event in grand style. You can make as many stops as needed and pick up your family or colleagues on the way. Our drivers would patiently wait on you at those stop intervals.

4. Best for Special Occasions

Whether you’re going for weddings, date nights, family trips, vacations, excursions, business trips, etc. Our maxi cab charter/mini bus charter hourly charter service is the best for you. We’d drive you to those locations in grand style and also take you back home. We have a large fleet of executive vehicles; so, there is a suitable ride for everyone’s need.

Our Maxi Cab Fleet

Why Choose for Maxi Cab Hourly Charter?

  • Best Rate in Singapore
  • We are active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Our fleet is made up of luxury vehicles
  • Your safety and satisfaction is guaranteed
  • We accept special/custom requests
  • No hidden charges

With BookMaxiCab, your safety and satisfaction are guaranteed. Our chauffeurs are professionals that would get you to your destination in the shortest time possible. Also, we strive to deliver the best professional executive transportation services to our clients.

Our drivers follow the best routes to avoid long traffic and delays - so you would arrive at your destination in time. offers fair pricing with no hidden charges. Once your order is booked, you won't be paying for anything else all through your trip.

How to Maxi Cab Hourly Charter Service?

Hourly charter services rates vary by the type of maxi cab and seating capacity of the maxi cab Singapore used. Our trusted customer service officers can help you determine the type of maxi cab best suited for your purposes and the amount of time necessary to achieve your requirements. They also can help you meet your requirements within your budget. You can reach out to our support and schedule a ride to the airport, hospital, shopping mall, or any other location within Singapore. Alternatively, you can simply book online by filling out the information provided below.

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What is a hourly charter service?

It is to contract the use of a vehicle for a fixed amount of time, usually with a detailed itinerary, at a fixed rate. Hourly Charter Service brings great conveniences to business executives as they spend no time waiting for their transport on their busiest days.

How many stops can i make during a hourly charter service?

There is no limit on the number of stops as you are paying based on the time you use our maxi cab.

How does the overtime charge work?

If an hourly charter service maxi cab is required for additional time, an hourly charter service rate is chargeable after the lapse of the first 10 minutes

When do I have to book a hourly charter service?

  1. When you are making multiple stops in a short period of time, such as City Tour, Road Shows.
  2. You prefer to have a maxi cab waiting for you during the hiring period.
  3. You prefer to leave some of your belongings behind while shopping.
  4. For special occasions, such as weddings, roadshows, VIP hosting.