Updated Year 2023 – List of Private Wheelchair Transport Providers

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Updated List (Jan 2023)

CompanyWebsitePhoneEmailMin Charge
Vimo Serviceswww.vimoservices.sg/wheelchair-transportN/Asupport@vimoservices.sg$23
Shalom MedCareshmedcare.com+6584429447javier@shmedcare.com$34
A&M Wheelchair TransportN/A+6598897289amshuttleservice@gmail.com$40
Happy Ride Transport Serviceshappyrideservices.sg+6596460849N/A$40
Mobility+ Wheelchair Friendly Transportmobilityplus.sg+6588289762mobility9762@gmail.com$40
NJ Wheelchair Transportwww.njtransport.sg+6598231162njwheelchairtransport@gmail.com$40
Wheelchair Transport SpecialistN/A+6581896233N/A$40
Handicap welfare Associationhwa.org.sg/transport-services+6562543006hwa@hwa.org.sg$42.10
Strides Mobility (Silveray)stridesmobility.sg/+6565558888enquiries@stridesmobility.sg$50
Woo Hoo Serviceswww.woohoo.com.sg+6598275138woohoo4228@gmail.com$50
Comfortdelgro Medcarewww.cdgmedcare.com+6584288828info@cdgmedcare.com$113
Others include: CareExpress, NTM Transport (Unable to get their prices)

Disclaimer: This is just a reference. The criteria of the list is the company must own at least one van with hydraulic lift or a welcab vehicle. We have provided the above information to our best knowledge after observations and some checking. These are accurate as of 5 Jan 2023. Different companies may revise their rates from time to time. Please check with them directly.

After been through 3 years of disruptions by COVID-19, the world is getting back on track. Yet the Russia-Ukraine Wars and the sudden increase on demand of energy have caused a big jump in inflation. As a result, the cost of living has increased tremendously. Vimo Services is glad that there are many companies are maintaining their wheelchair transport fare at a reasonable rate ($34-$50) to provide better mobility to our less privileged population.

We have compiled the list of wheelchair transport companies which we know in our course of work, and hope you may find this useful. Last, but not least if you are unable to think from the service provider's perspective, do not expect any of us to think for you too. When a man is guided by the principles of reciprocity and consciousness, he is not far from the moral law. Whatever you don’t wish for yourself don’t do unto others.” ~ Confucius

“When it comes to life, the critical thing is whether you take things for granted or take them with gratitude.” ― Gilbert K. Chesterton