Singapore Maxi Cab Wheelchair Maxi Cab For Wheelchair Transport

Wheelchair Maxi Cab

Standard Wheelchair Transport

  • Airport Arrival Pick up - $80
  • Charter Services - $60/hour (Min 3)
  • One Way / Departure - $65/80
  • 1 Wheelchair User
  • 3 Caregivers
  • Mobile App Booking $25 onwards

Wheelchair Maxi Cab

Hydraulic Wheelchair Transport

  • Airport Arrival Pick up - $100
  • Charter Services - $65/hour (Min 3)
  • One Way / Departure - $65/$80
  • 1 Wheelchair User
  • 3 Caregivers
  • Mobile App Booking $43 onwards extends premium accessibility services to individuals with disabilities within Singapore, specifically focusing on those who rely on wheelchairs for mobility. Our foremost commitment lies in delivering impeccable comfort and dedicated care as we facilitate seamless transportation between destinations. For an unparalleled level of support, we proudly introduce a provision of up to three accompanying family members per disabled client, ensuring a comprehensive and nurturing travel experience.

Our team of proficient drivers possesses specialized expertise in attending to wheelchair-bound passengers. They adeptly assist in the effortless embarkation of wheelchairs into our specially designed comfort wheelchair taxis. Throughout the entirety of the journey, our skilled drivers remain by the client's side, offering steadfast assistance, and conclude the trip with the same level of attentive care, ensuring a smooth and secure disembarkation.

A hallmark of our service lies in the thoughtfully crafted compartments within our vehicles, tailored to accommodate wheelchairs of various designs with utmost ease. These dedicated spaces extend to accommodate family members, allowing them to accompany their loved ones and partake in the journey in comfort.

Experience a realm of excellence with our luxurious fleet of maxi cab vehicles, meticulously appointed to cater to the unique needs of disabled passengers. Our offerings stand as a testament to our unwavering dedication to affordability and quality within the Singaporean market, setting a standard of service that remains unparalleled.

Available Wheelchair Maxi Cab

Our wheelchair maxi cab fleet has the best-suitable vehicle for anyone or any family traveling with a disabled person. Our vehicles include:

  • 7 seater wheelchair maxi cab (Mercedes Viano, Vito, and V Class) with a ramp
  • 9 seater wheelchair maxi cab (Toyota Hiace Hiroof) installed with a hydraulic lift
  • 13 seater wheelchair maxi cab or wheelchair minibus (Toyota Hiace Hiroof) with a ramp
  • Toyota Noah Welcab

Other Services We Offer

Why Choose for Maxi Cab Wheelchair Transportation?

  • We are active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Our fleet is made up of luxury vehicles
  • We offer a wide range of executive wheelchair transportation services
  • We accept special/custom requests
  • No hidden charges

At, we care so much about disabled persons, and we are keen to provide them with the maximum needed support to move them from one location to another. We employ professional and well-vetted drivers to ensure that any wheelchair-bound passengers onboard our vehicles are well catered for. provides the most convenient vehicle depending on the number of persons to be involved in a trip. We have vehicles for up to 9 persons - each vehicle has a dedicated space for the wheelchair passenger, and the space can comfortably contain any type of wheelchair.

Our drivers take the responsibility of wheeling the disabled person into the vehicle and also alighting when they reach their destination. Our comfort maxi cab vehicles feature a solid wheelchair-accessible entrance, so the disabled person can be easily wheeled in/out of the car without any stress, appreciating a comfortable wheelchair transport experience.

All through a trip, our staff would stick around to attend to the needs and demands of our clients. Also, our drivers are well-trained professionals who understand the road rules and limitations. Thence, overall, with, you'd enjoy premium, luxurious, comfortable handicap transportation to different locations within Singapore.

Online Booking

Mobile Application Download

We provide a free app that you can easily download on your smartphone (Both Android and iOS systems are supported) and use to book our Singapore wheelchair maxi cab transportation with us. It’s one of the two and the easier way (the other is online website booking) to book our services, and we’ve chosen this so that we could be able to provide the cheap wheelchair taxi transport services in Singapore. (Sorry! No phone / SMS / Whatsapp booking)

Each ride comes with 2 free seats for caregivers

By booking with us, you have agreed to our privacy policy and  terms and conditions

What is a wheelchair accessible taxi?

A wheelchair taxi is a vehicle with a sturdy ramp or a hydraulic lift to assist the wheelchair user, while still sitting in his wheelchair, with getting into the vehicle. This is far easier than transferring from a wheelchair to a seat.

Can taxis charge more for wheelchair in Singapore?

Usually, wheelchair accessible taxi charges more than a normal taxi in Singapore. It is because the special modified wheelchair accessible taxi comes with additional equipment (ramp and hydraulic lift, straps, and wheelchair lock system). 

Can maxi cabs take wheelchairs?

Yes. But not all maxi cab can take wheelchairs booking. It requires additional equipment and special training to ensure the wheelchair maxi cab driver is able to provide a safe journey to the wheelchair user and his caregivers. 

What are the differences between wheelchair maxi cab and GrabAssist+?

Grab Singapore wheelchair service - GrabAssist Plus and Strides Mobility London Cab wheelchair transport services (previously known as SMRT wheelchair taxi) both have a limited capacity of 1 additional seat for the caregiver, whereas wheelchair maxi cab allows up to 3 caregivers or family members to travel together with the wheelchair user. 

GrabAssist+ has also restricted the service area to certain parts of Singapore and the chances of getting a driver are relatively lower. You can read more here

How do i book a Singapore wheelchair maxi cab?

You can either schedule your ride, to the airport, hospital, shopping mall, or any other location within Singapore, on our mobile app, available on both android and IOS or simply use the online booking system. You may reach out to our support if you face any difficulties.

I do not know what time the appointment ends. How i book for the return?

Our mobile application covers all possible scenarios by offering the flexibility to schedule a ride minimum of 40 minutes ahead or you can book a wheelchair maxi cab instantly. In some cases when the drivers are not responding to your current booking (You press "Book Now"), please schedule a ride and we will manually assign it to the next available driver. This way works better than "open timing" by  some other operators